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Software Factory

We are the software development team that your company needs, we will be ready to develop the software project that your company needs.

Custom Development is our speciality.

We have the ability to make the software project you have planned a reality.

Windows Azure

We have extensive experience in the Microsoft cloud, with the ability to advise you and provide you with the best price hosting on the market.

Artificial Intelligence

Supported on Azure Cognitive Services, we unlock a variety of use cases. We make available to your projects the ability to see, listen, speak, search, understand and accelerate decision making.

Work with Us

The DNA of our work team is: remote work, high research capacity, high learning capacity, responsibility with commitments and good treatment with clients. We have a seed plan for university students who wish to carry out their internships. If you are interested in joining WorkApps, do not hesitate to send us your resume to our support email.

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